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Looking for more keyboard fonts to use with your Wilcom digitizing software? We can prepare new font files for you that work just like the keyboard fonts that came with your software! Most fonts are $1.00 per letter, with some complex letter styles (black letter like Old English) ranging as high as $2.00 per letter. Please use our Custom Design Form for a quote!

The form below is for ordering design files that use only stock embroidery lettering, and is excellent for ordering names for staff garments, lettering files to sew on sleeves, lettering that you can combine with stock designs, etc.   Upon submitting an order below, you will receive a price quote by email that must be approved to proceed with the digitizing.

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Lettering Required: (To order multiple files that use the same font at the same size, you may enter them all here at once.   Please separate them with extra line breaks or asterisks or something so I can distinguish what belongs in each file.)


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*Generally this is your hoop width minus half an inch.

Measurements are in   Inches    or    cm

Digitize this design to stitch center out for constructed cap embroidery?

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Embroidery Formats Required:
*Note: The Wilcom EMB masterfile is always supplied, along with one format you request below.
Additional formats beyond that cost $2 each.

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Design Name
*So we can distinguish between multiple orders you submit.

Order Completion Time Required:1 day 2 days 3-7 days
*Note - Count business days only - Monday to Friday

Please be patient, and press the SUBMIT button only once.

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